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Rebecca Bliss is an educator, performer, and choreographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Specializing in the dances of Cuba for over 15 years, Rebecca is currently adjunct professor of Afro-Cuban dance at Barnard College and continues almost two decades of work in youth education through the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Rebecca remains an active member of the NYC dance community through her work as a freelance teacher, choreographer and consultant.

Rebecca received her initial training in modern and ballet at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center followed by almost two decades of ongoing study in Cuba and New York.  She received an interdisciplinary MA from New York University focused on her work in Cuban dance pedagogy and performance.  

Artists Statement

My work lives at an intersection where aesthetic, social, and political concerns meet to support breakthroughs that can be both beautiful and transformative for the individual and the community. 

I am passionate about dance as a performing art, a healing art, and a living embodiment of ethics and ideas.  I believe that music and dance are uniquely conducive to building healthy relationships across cultures and generations.

As a teacher I am dedicated to appreciating the diverse living languages of the body; to recognize their unique wisdom, and to support my students towards honoring the multitudes they individually carry as they enter the dancing space. 

Whether our goal is to participate professionally or socially, I aspire to create dance experiences that lead to increased attentiveness; to greater sensitivity and sensuousness; to engaged hearts, uplifted spirits, and awake minds. 

As an American educator and artist, I am aware of the opportunity and chaos of teaching and creating in the United States.  I am aware of the responsibility I have to my students as I introduce movement that may influence their ideas about beauty and belonging.

My work is informed by ongoing study in classical, contemporary, and African-based traditional and contemporary arts. I am a passionate student of craft who strives for balance between a healthy and sustainable livelihood, and dedication to renewal and vitality at the edge of my current state of knowing and becoming.

I am dedicated to the idea that cultural literacy must be inclusive and expansive, to the benefit of the soul of this planet.

In addition to offering classes in Afro-Cuban Dance, Cuban Salsa/Rueda de Casino, and African-based contemporary dance, I am available for curriculum consulting, professional development workshops, teaching and choreography residencies, private lessons, and performance.